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Breast Augmentation in Scottsdale

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Breast augmentation is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries in the United States, and for many women it is an option that helps to boost self-confidence and achieve more ideal proportions to take the stress out of tasks like shopping for new clothes. If you are considering breast augmentation, you may be surprised at the wide range of options you have when it comes to surgery, since the technology for these procedures has improved dramatically over the past several decades. The goal of modern breast augmentation procedures is to achieve the most natural look possible while addressing the unique concerns of the patient such as improvement of the overall shape and symmetry of the breasts.

Surgical Planning

Finding a plastic surgeon you feel comfortable with is particularly important for breast augmentation, because there is a fair amount of planning needed to ensure a successful procedure with the results you have in mind. Here's a look at what you and your physician may discuss before you schedule your surgery.

  • Implant types – Patients may choose between silicone gel and saline filled implants. Silicone is often a popular choice, because it offers a more natural feel. However, saline filled implants may offer a more pleasing appearance, since they are filled after placement. Your doctor will go into more detail on the pros and cons of each so that you select the perfect implant for your body.
  • Implant size – A common trend among patients is to underestimate their goal size when it comes to implants. Because bra sizes may look different on women with different body types, it is hard to guess the right size implant without seeing a computer rendered model or using bra inserts to explore what the results will actually look like.
  • Incision and placement – There are a few different possible incisions and implant placement options. An implant may be placed under or above the pectoralis muscle, and the incision might be under the breast, in the underarm, or around the areola. Under the breast incisions are typically the most popular, because scars are easily hidden and the surgeon has optimal control with implant placement during surgery.
  • Additional procedures – Some women choose to combine breast augmentation with a breast lift to enhance the results of surgery and create a more youthful figure. This option is especially popular among women looking to restore the volume of the breasts following pregnancy or significant weight loss.

Typical Recovery

Breast augmentation is an outpatient procedure that generally requires about 1-2 hours in the operating room. Patients can be back at work just three days after surgery, though strenuous lifting and intense physical activity should be avoided for about three weeks.

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