Dr. Jennifer Geoghegan and staff are located in Scottsdale, AZ offering plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures as well as skin care treatments.

Oasis Mommy Makeover

Being a Mommy means giving yourself and all of your resources to your child.  That devoted love comes with the challenges of making 24 hours in a day seem more like 50, squeezing every dime out of every dollar, and creating energy out of nothing.  While every sacrifice made is worth it for the love of your child, you deserve to treat yourself as well!

Many mommies are worried about spending money or time on themselves instead of devoting every waking moment to their child.  Somehow, taking care of ourselves has supposedly become a selfish decision.  When you think about it though, taking care of yourself and feeling beautiful and confident about your body affects every part of you.  It is not just a vain desire.  In fact, feeling confident, proud, and happy with your own appearance will positively affect your relationships at work and at home. 

Every woman’s body is affected differently after having a baby. For some women, the stress of raising a child has left wrinkles, for others breast-feeding may have forever altered their breasts from their original form, and for others it is sometimes impossible to get rid of the excess skin that comes along with childbirth.  The first step to making yourself feel and look like yourself again, is to contact Dr. Jennifer Geoghegan at Oasis Plastic Surgery.  Go ahead and take some time for yourself, you deserve it!