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What Is The Difference Between Breast Augmentation Surgery And Breast Lift Surgery?

Breast Augmentation:

Women are motivated to seek breast augmentation for various personal reasons. For many women, the size and shape of their breasts is closely tied to their confidence, self-esteem and feeling healthy and attractive. At Oasis Plastic Surgery, Dr. Geoghegan and her staff will work with you to find the right implant style, size, technique and scar location to meet your expectations. Having breast surgery in Scottsdale does not just mean larger breasts.

Breast Lift:

Breast lift, also know as mastopexy is a popular Scottsdale plastic surgery procedure designed to lift and reshape the breasts.  Over time the breast skin and the suspensory ligaments of the breast stretch-out leading to sagging or ptosis of the breasts.  Other than gravity, this droopiness can also be caused by weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, heredity and loss of the skin’s natural elasticity as you age.

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