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Benefits of Getting a Chemical Peel

For healthy-looking and youthful skin, nothing beats the thorough resurfacing you can get with a chemical peel. A chemical peel is when our aesthetician applies a chemical solution to the skin on your face, causing certain blemishes to peel right off. This reveals new skin underneath which is healthier and smoother than the old skin. Read on for a quick overview on the benefits of getting a chemical peel.

  • Wrinkle Reduction

Chemical peels get rid of surface wrinkles, including the lines under your eyes and around your mouth, by revealing the newer skin underneath. This cosmetic procedure can also tighten your skin for an all-around younger look.

  • Acne Treatment

Our aesthetician can also treat certain kinds of acne by using chemical peels. If you struggle with blackheads, then it’s likely that you’ve experienced facial scarring due to blackhead extraction. With a chemical peel, you can eliminate acne and treat scarring simultaneously.

  • Even Skin Tone

Chemical peels can also be used to reduce age spots, fade freckles, treat sun damage, and even out dark patches. After a chemical peel at the Oasis Plastic Surgery and Skin Spa, your skin will also feel smoother and healthier.

  • Cancer Prevention

One of the most exciting health benefits of a chemical peel is its ability to reduce and prevent precancerous skin lesions. By encouraging the growth of new skin, a chemical peel will keep your face fresh and healthy.

After a chemical peel, your face may be sensitive to sunlight, so make sure you avoid sun exposure before and after each treatment.

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