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Must-Have Procedures for Your Mommy Makeover

Nothing is more beautiful than motherhood. The pregnancy glow is more than just a myth—all women radiate the joy and beauty of creating human life. After your baby arrives, you deserve to look and feel as gorgeous as the goddess you are. Unfortunately for most of us, giving birth leaves our bodies in slightly less-than-perfect condition. Okay…more than slightly. But thanks to plastic and reconstructive surgery, all mothers can reclaim their feminine glow.

Mommy makeovers are a great choice for any new mom finding herself unhappy with her post-pregnancy body. Here are 4 of the must-have procedures most mommies may be interested in:

  1. Abdominoplasty. This procedure, commonly referred to as a tummy tuck, is a great way to get a more youthful, fitter-looking stomach. During this procedure, Dr. Geoghegan will get rid of extra, unwanted fat and skin in the stomach, giving you a leaner and slimmer tummy.
  2. Breast lift. Many new moms find that pregnancy and breast-feeding cause their breasts to start sagging or pointing downward. Breasts lifts are one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures, because they lift and reshape the breasts. This results in a naturally perkier, more youthful look.
  3. Breast augmentation. For some mothers, breasts can lose some of their volume, becoming smaller over time. During this procedure, Dr. Geoghegan can insert an implant, to create fuller, more balanced appearance.
  4. Liposuction. Gaining weight is a natural part of pregnancy. A lot of women struggle with losing their pregnancy weight after giving birth. Liposuction, another of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures, is a great way to remove excess fat from the thighs, hips, and flanks.

You want to find the right plastic surgeon to help you with your transformation into a hot mama.  Here at Oasis Plastic Surgery, we can customize a mommy makeover to meet your specific needs. Whether you want to improve the look of your legs, tummy, breasts, or rejuvenate your skin—we can make the perfect makeover plan for you. Dr. Jennifer Geoghegan, a Board Certified Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, we strive to offer an urban oasis for women, by women.  Call (480) 264-6428 today and find out what Oasis Plastic Surgery can do for your body!


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