Dr. Jennifer Geoghegan and staff are located in Scottsdale, AZ offering plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures as well as skin care treatments.

Breast Augmentation and Temporary Skin Changes

After you undergo a breast augmentation, you may notice some changes to your skin. These skin changes are typically temporary and will disappear as you heal from your cosmetic surgery. Be sure to discuss any changes in your skin that you are concerned about with Dr. Geoghegan during your follow-up appointment.

After surgery, your skin may look shiny, or it may appear to be red and sunburned. This occurs because your skin has to stretch to accommodate your implants. This stretching may also make your skin feel warm, as through it was sunburned. Over time, your skin will adapt to the implants and return to normal. Dr. Geoghegan can recommend moisturizers that can soothe your skin as you heal.

At Oasis Plastic Surgery, our caring team is available to answer all of your questions before and after your cosmetic surgery, so you can focus on loving your new look. To learn more about breast augmentation in Scottsdale, call (480) 264-6428 today.

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