Dr. Jennifer Geoghegan and staff are located in Scottsdale, AZ offering plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures as well as skin care treatments.

Understanding Breast Reduction Surgery

Breast reduction surgery can be life-changing for women who are self-conscious about the size of their breasts and want to feel more comfortable in their clothing or get relief from back pain. Dr. Jennifer Geoghegan can help you determine if you are a candidate for this procedure. Watch this video to learn how the surgery is performed.

Breast reduction is usually performed under general anesthesia. In most cases Dr. Geoghegan will make incisions that go around the areola vertically down the breast and along the breast fold. In each breast reduction the tissues are lifted and reduced at the same time. Oasis Plastic Surgery has 3D Procedure animations, click here and select the desired procedure.

At Oasis Plastic Surgery, we also offer liposuction as another option to breast reduction surgery to improve the shape and contour of the breasts. If you are interested in this procedure or other plastic surgeries, make an appointment with our Scottsdale plastic surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Geoghegan, today by calling (480) 264-6428.