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What Young Women Need to Know About Breast Reductions

Breast Reduction Scottsdale

A type of plastic surgery that is becoming increasing popular among women is breast reduction. When they have unnaturally large breasts, individuals can experience both physical and emotional symptoms that lead them to consider this procedure. If you are a young woman thinking about getting a breast reduction, then keep the following in mind:

Breast Growth
It is becoming more and more common for young women to turn to breast reduction surgery to find relief from large breasts that cause them back and neck pain and make them feel self-conscious. However, it is important to realize that this surgery should only be done after your breasts have finished growing. For this reason, plastic surgeons often advise that women wait until they are at least 18 before undergoing a breast reduction. Special testing can be done for women younger than 18 to determine if their growth is complete.

Incision Types
While the thought of feeling better by having smaller breasts is often sufficient for young women to think that the treatment is right for them, it is crucial to think about how your skin will be permanently impacted. Depending on the extent of your breast reduction treatment, you can be left with one or more visible scars on each breast.

Breast Function
Before undergoing a breast reduction surgery, it is essential for you to realize that the procedure can affect more than just the appearance of your breasts. It is possible that your nipples will be more or less sensitive after your procedure, and breast reduction can impact your ability to breastfeed.

Insurance Coverage
It is not uncommon for women to assume that breast reduction would be considered a cosmetic treatment by their insurance company, and therefore not covered. However, because this surgery frequently provides medical benefits for the patient, it is covered by many insurance plans. For this reason, you should not let cost dissuade you if you feel that you could benefit from breast reduction and are having symptoms that would make the procedure medically necessary.

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