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Getting the Facts about Post-Mastectomy Breast Reconstruction [INFOGRAPHIC]

For women facing breast cancer, the potentially life-saving option of a mastectomy opens up a new area of concern, as they confront the idea of losing one or both breasts. When it is necessary to perform a mastectomy for cancer care, breast reconstruction surgery may be an option. With breast reconstruction, a plastic surgeon rebuilds the breast to the shape, size, and appearance specifications of the patient, delivering a completely natural result. There are two ways of performing breast reconstruction: tissue expander and flap reconstruction. With a tissue expander, your plastic surgeon uses an implant to rebuild the breast, while flap reconstruction relies on the patient’s own tissue and muscle from a donor location elsewhere on the body. To find out more about breast reconstruction, read through this infographic and contact Oasis Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation with our plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. Please share this information to help other women facing this challenging decision.

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