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Including a Breast Lift in Your Mommy Makeover

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After welcoming a child into the world, many women experience ongoing dissatisfaction with their changed bodies. If this applies to you, consider speaking with a plastic surgeon about having a mommy makeover. Dr. Geoghegan may suggest including a breast lift in your mommy makeover if pregnancy and breastfeeding have caused your breasts to sag and appear loose or heavy.

You can learn more about breast lift procedures by watching this straightforward animation. It explains the common causes of breast sagginess and discusses what a breast lift can accomplish.

If you’re considering having a breast lift and you live in Scottsdale, contact Oasis Plastic Surgery at (480) 264-6428. In addition to mommy makeover procedures, our practice offers youth-restoring procedures such as chemical peels, microdermabrasion, and facials.