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The Answers to Your Questions About Latisse

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Are you tired of thin, barely-there lashes that won’t even perk up with multiple coats of mascara? If so, then Latisse could be for you. Latisse doesn’t just make your lashes look thicker—it actually helps you grow your own lusher lashes. Latisse is a prescription treatment that can be prescribed by your doctor if they determine s that you are a good candidate. Here are the answers to some questions you may have if you are considering Latisse.

What exactly is Latisse?
Latisse is the only FDA-approved treatment for inadequate lashes. Its active ingredient is bimatoprost, and although the exact way that it supports lash growth is not fully understood, researchers believe that it helps more lashes enter the anagen growth phase and helps them stay in the growth phase for longer. As a result, you develop lashes that are longer, thicker, and darker.

How do I use it?
Latisse is applied to the base of your upper eyelashes using a small applicator wand each night. Beginning after about four weeks of use, you should start to see your lashes becoming longer and thicker. Most people achieve their maximum results after approximately 16 weeks of use. After the initial 16 week treatment, talk to the prescribing doctor about maintenance treatments. If you stop using Latisse completely, your lashes will return to their pre-treatment state.

Are there side effects?
As with all medical treatments, Latisse does have some potential side effects, including itching and redness at the application site and of the eyes. In rare cases, Latisse has caused discoloration of the iris, leading to brown spots that are permanent. Skin discoloration is also a rare but potential issue. Using Latisse as directed will minimize the risk of side effects.

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