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How Vectra XT Is Changing the Way Women Have Breast Augmentations

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Breast augmentation has been a popular cosmetic surgery procedure for a long time, but recent technological advancements have made this procedure even more appealing. Vectra XT is an imaging system that plastic surgeons have started using because of the many benefits it offers to patients. This computer-generated system is changing the way women have breast augmentation in many ways:

Lets Women See How They’ll Look After Augmentation
Plastic surgeons can use Vectra XT to take a 180-degree picture of a patient’s breasts. They can then use the accompanying software to manipulate the image to show the patient what she will look like with larger breasts. Getting a real-life look at breast augmentation results can make women more comfortable during the procedure.

Allows Women to Compare to Their Current Appearance
When plastic surgeons use Vectra XT, they can show patients a side-by-side comparison of their current breast size and their desired new breast size. This can help patients get a clearer image of what their new appearance will be like, allowing them to feel excited and confident about undergoing breast augmentation.

Makes it Easier for Women to Pick the Right Size
By showing patients side-by-side images of their current breast size and potential new breast size, Dr. Geoghegan can make it easier for patients to select the right size. The Vectra XT system can be used to gradually increase and decrease breast size, allowing doctors to change the image as needed to meet each patient’s preferences.

Gives Women a Chance to See Augmentation at Different Angles
The Vectra XT system also allows doctors to show these pictures at different angles and with or without bras or bikini tops. This provides an even closer look at what patients can expect after surgery, allowing them to determine the right size and other procedure elements.

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