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Getting Ready for Your Short-Term Hospital Stay

Though many cosmetic surgery procedures can be performed on an outpatient basis—or even without a hospital visit at all—some surgeries will still require that you stay a night or two in the hospital to facilitate a complete recovery. If you are undergoing a surgery with multiple procedures such as a mommy makeover or breast reconstruction following mastectomies, Dr Jennifer Geoghegan may have already discussed some of the details of your short-term hospital stay with you. In this article, you can find more helpful tips to prepare for this visit.

Keep Important Documents in One Folder

When you visit the hospital, you will need to have documents such as your insurance cards, list of current medications, important phone numbers, and maybe even a living will. Keeping these in a secure folder will help you stay organized and ensure that you aren’t left searching for important papers when you need them. You may also be given printed care and discharge instructions, and you should file these in your folder when you leave the hospital so that you can consult this information easily at home.

Pack Comfortable Clothing

You will likely be able to wear your own clothes, or at least have pajama pants or shorts on under your hospital gown. Pack comfortable clothing for wearing in the hospital as well as an outfit that is easy to change into for when you leave. If you are having surgery on the breasts or body, ask your doctor about any physical limitations you might have immediately following surgery so that you pack the right garments.

Bring Something to Do

Friends and family may swing by for visits after your plastic surgery procedure, but you’ll probably still have a fair amount of downtime in the hospital. Bring along a tablet computer loaded up with your favorite books or movies, a stack of magazines, or handheld games to keep you entertained while you recover.

When you visit Oasis Plastic Surgery in Scottsdale, you can rest assured that Dr Jennifer Geoghegan is dedicated to your care, comfort, and safety throughout every procedure. To make an appointment where you can discuss the details of your surgery, visit us online or call (480) 264-6428.


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