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Choosing the Right Kind of Tummy Tuck for You

Even after reaching a healthy weight, many women struggle with excess fat and sagging skin around their midsections. Having a baby or otherwise going through dramatic changes in weight only exacerbates the problem. Fortunately, Dr Jennifer Geoghegan can help you achieve the sleeker physique you want through a tummy tuck. There are multiple approaches to a tummy tuck your surgeon can take, depending on your specific needs and your treatment goals. Here is a look at some of the options your surgeon may discuss with you.


You may not think of liposuction as a tummy tuck procedure, but it can achieve the same goals for some patients and stand in for more invasive procedures. If you have excess fat in your abdomen, but you only have a minimal amount of excess or sagging skin, then liposuction could be the solution for you. During liposuction, Dr Jennifer Geoghegan will remove the excess fat, so that your tummy is flatter. Keep in mind that liposuction does not treat excess skin.

Mini Tummy Tuck

Mini abdominoplasty procedures, or mini tummy tucks, are recommended if only the lower part of your abdomen needs to be treated. During this procedure, Dr Geoghegan will remove excess skin and fatty deposits that are isolated to the lower part of your tummy. This process will tighten and contour that area so that it is flatter.

Full Tummy Tuck

A full tummy tuck procedure involves a large part of the abdomen, generally from the lower ribs to the pubic bone. Dr Jennifer Geoghegan will remove sagging skin and excess fat from this entire area, so that it is slimmer and taut. If you have had a cesarean section, Dr Geoghegan will likely remove it to make your new tummy tuck scar.

The right tummy tuck for you depends on a number of different factors, so make an appointment at Oasis Plastic Surgery to discuss your options with our plastic surgeon in Scottsdale. To contact our office, call (480) 264-6428.


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