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Dispelling Myths About Breast Reduction Surgery

If you are living with large or sagging breast that are causing you discomfort, including back and neck pain, then breast reduction surgery can be life-changing. Unfortunately, many women don’t even realize that this kind of cosmetic surgery is an option, and others don’t understand what it is. Don’t let myths about breast reduction surgery keep you from considering a procedure that could help you feel better. Here is the truth behind some common misconceptions about breast reduction surgery.

Myth: If you lose weight, you won’t need a breast reduction.

Although there is fat tissue in the breasts, there is also glandular tissue. Fat tissue may increase and decrease with the scale in some women, but glandular tissue does not respond to weight loss. The amount of glandular tissue you have is closely tied to genetics, rather than weight. Most women who consider breast reduction surgery have a high level of glandular tissue, which can only be removed surgically. Although being at a healthy weight can reduce the overall amount of tissue Dr Jennifer Geoghegan removes, weight loss won’t usually resolve your need for surgery.

Myth: You can tell your surgeon what cup size you want.

Unlike a breast augmentation, you can’t pre-determine your exact size before a reduction. Your surgeon can give you an idea of what size you could be, but the final size won’t be known until after surgery. Dr Jennifer Geoghegan will ensure that your results are in proportion to the rest of your body.

Myth: You won’t be able to breastfeed after a reduction.

Although the ability to breastfeed can always be compromised after surgery, in most cases, women can breastfeed if they desire after surgery. In most cases, surgeons do not have to remove the nipple to perform a reduction, so the ability to breastfeed will remain intact.

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