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What You Need to Know (But Didn't Want to Ask) About Post-Reconstruction Bras

If you’ve had a mastectomy, breast reconstruction surgery can help you feel like yourself again. What may catch you off-guard after your reconstruction is that your old way of choosing bras may not work for you anymore. Dr. Geoghegan can give you some insight about what to expect based on the experiences of past patients. Keeping these facts in mind will also help.

You may no longer be able to wear underwire.

After breast reconstruction surgery, you may find that underwire bras are no longer comfortable for you, even if you always insisted on underwire in the past. Many women find that underwire comes too close to their incision sites to be worn comfortably, especially early in the recovery process. Some women ultimately find that they are able to adjust to underwire again in the future, but it probably won’t be appropriate for you for some time after your plastic surgery.

You may need to wear a bra at night.

Dr. Geoghegan may recommend that you wear a bra around the clock after your surgery, including when you sleep. Although any kind of soft-fabric bra may work for you, there are bras specially designed for sleeping that tend to be the most comfortable for nighttime wear. They are supportive without binding you too tightly, so that you are able to rest comfortably.

You may need to go up a size.

As you heal from surgery, it’s normal for your breasts to swell. To accommodate the swelling, get a few bras that are one band size larger than your normal size to wear after your surgery. This will ensure that your bras aren’t comfortably tight or putting pressure on your incisions. Choose a hook-and-eye band, rather than a pullover bra, so that you don’t have to lift your arms over your head to put on the bra.

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